Policies and Guidance

NEW: Updated 4LSCB MET Protocol

NEW: 4LSCB MET Information Guide 2017 FINAL – June 18

Mini SERAF – Southampton LSCB Child Sexual Exploitation Risk Questionnaire

Slides from the MASH & Early Help Workshops are available here.

4LSCB Policies and Procedures

The 4LSCB areas of Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth have joint Policies and Procedures. Click here to access them.

For Schools and Educational Settings (UPDATED)

NEW – Southampton Safeguarding Self-Evaluation Tool
Click here to access the online tool.

Please find below a suite of documents to support you in your work around “Safeguarding” as a result of the work from the LSCB education task and finish group. They have been approved by the group and include guidance for writing Safeguarding policies, a model Child Protection Policy, guidance for transfer of Child Protection records.

Example Child Protection Policy Procedures and Guidance
Guidance on the retention and transfer of Child Protection records
Schools and Education Guidance on writing Safeguaridng Policy 2016

You can also find a Model Social Networking policy here:
Social Networking Policy for Schools

An Early Years Development and Childcare Escalation process chart can be found here: Early Years and Child Care – Safeguarding Escalation Process

See below for protocols and guidance documents that have been recently developed or reviewed and are not yet uploaded to 4LSCB site:

4LSCB Protocol for Protecting Children Who Move Across Local Authority Borders

4LSCB Joint Working Protocol 

4LSCB Maternity and Children Services Unborn Babies Safeguarding Protocol

4LSCB Protocol Brusing in Infants Who Are Not Independently Mobile

4LSCB Bruising in young babies – information and guidance leaflet for parents and carers – this leaflet has been developed across the 4LSCB areas of Southampton, Portsmouth, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight to reassure and explain the protocol for assessing bruises in non-mobile babies to parents and carers.

Honour Based Violence multi-agency guidance

4LSCB MET protocol

LSCB supervision core principles and standards 2015

The new Social Work Evidence Template and accompanying case study, developed jointly by ADCS and Cafcass to support improvement in the quality and consistency of social work evidence submitted to the court, has recently been published.  The template has been endorsed by the President of the Family Division and Family Justice Board members for use nationally:


The templates can be found at the link above, as part of the materials developed for local authorities on the revised statutory guidance ‘Court orders and pre-proceedings.’ 

Policy Verification

Does your organisation have a Safeguarding Policy to be verified?
If you are a professional working within Southampton and are in the process of updating or creating a Safeguarding Children Policy within your organisation then this guidance is offered as a minimum standard that a child safeguarding policy should include. It is based on Working Together (2018) and should be used as a tool to self-assess own policy or for an LSCB member to offer feedback an organisation requesting assistance.

Our Guidance for self assessment of Safeguarding Policies can be downloaded here:

LSCB checklist for Safeguarding Children policies

This is provided to give you a good structure to follow when revising and refreshing your safeguarding/child protection policy.  Please note that using these guidelines does not mean that the policy has officially been ratified by Southampton LSCB.

More useful guidance:

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