The LSCB provides Safeguarding Level 3 training for workers and volunteers in Southampton. This training is for anyone who works with families experiencing complex difficulties and/or contributes to child protection enquiries. There are 2 days of training available and you only need to attend the day that is most appropriate for your needs.

Which level of safeguarding training is right for you?

If you are not sure what level of safeguarding training you need please click Here to see our multi agency agreed training pathway.

Safeguarding Training Options

Level one training should be provided within your own organisation. If you work for Southampton City Council or the Private/Independent Sector, please click here to access Level 1 e-learning training.

Level two safeguarding training is available through the Workforce Development Team at Southampton City Council. For more information on this, please click here. 

Level three –  This new LSCB 2 day course/ 1 day refresher course will help to develop your knowledge and skills to most effectively use child protection procedures and best practice to safeguard children and young people in Southampton. The course is multi agency and will help you to carry out your crucial role ensuring agencies work together to protect children from harm. Learning from local and national serious case reviews is included in this course.

The LSCB can fit 25 attendees on each course, and allocations are determined according to this LSCB Training Allocations Policy

Dates for Level 3 training covering 2017 – 18 can be found Here. Please use link below to book on.


Other safeguarding board training and workshops

The Local Safeguarding Boards offer a variety of alternative and free training opportunities to professionals from all partner agencies.

Half Day Workshops – focus on common themes can come from our case reviews or audit activity. These are subjects that we feel require a greater and repeated focus across a three hour session.

Weekly Wednesday Workshops – are two hour awareness raising sessions for all partner agency professionals. Themes may vary and are provided by local or national experts.

To view all courses on offer please click here.

Home Office Guidance and FREE E-Learning:

Southampton LSCB’s Training Strategy

Please see the Draft Southampton LSCB Learning Development Strategy – August 16 for details of what the board hopes to achieve.

Supervision Core Principles

The LSCB would like to thank all those who completed a survey on staff supervision. We received over 400 workforce responses with a balanced response from social care, education and health agencies. Findings suggest that safeguarding supervision is taking place more frequently than might have been thought, but that there is considerable room for improvement in its quality. As a result of this survey, the LSCB has agreed a new set of Supervision Core Principles which can be viewed here.

Self Assessment Checklist of Safeguarding Children and Young People training programmes

This self-assessment provides a list of minimum standards that all safeguarding children and young people training should achieve. It is based on Working Together 2018 statutory guidelines and learning from national and local case reviews.

If your agency is running a safeguarding training programme, please complete the LSCB Self Assessment checklist for Safeguarding Children Training

Please then send the completed checklist, together with information about the training programme and content to



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