Clever Never Goes! in Southampton

Southampton Local Safeguarding Children Board are proud to be one of the first areas of the UK to sign up to the CLEVER NEVER GOES campaign.

Clever Never Goes has been developed to replace the out-dated ‘stranger danger’ approach.

Whilst child abduction is relatively uncommon, it’s important that children can recognise the potential signs of danger. Teaching children simply to avoid strangers doesn’t work. Most strangers will help rather than harm children. Conversely, it is often people known to children that pose the greatest threat.

Clever Never Goes moves the focus away from strangers and instead teaches children to recognise when someone (anyone) is asking them to go with them. The programme features a child-friendly robot (called ‘CLEVER’) who helps children to refine their key ‘Go Spotting’ safety skills.

Clever Never Goes aims to give children practical safety skills which they can use as they get older and become more independent. It’s about safety – but it’s also about building children’s abilities to engage with the outside world, and giving parents the confidence to let them.


Primary schools can register to receive a free Schools Pack, including guidance for teachers with two lesson plans and activities for Key Stage 1 and early Key Stage 2 children, a set of classroom slides, and a series of short ‘Go Spotting’ practice films.

Parents and carers can download a Home Pack with information and activities and can use the ‘Go Spotting’ comic strips online to talk to their children about the Clever Never Goes approach.

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What is meant by Making Safeguarding Personal?

We know that residents in Southampton place a high value on safe, effective services that work together to keep vulnerable adults safe from abuse and neglect. We also know that for adults who are at risk of, or have suffered abuse and neglect, their families and carers it is important that any safeguarding intervention is focused on the wishes and needs of the ‘adult at risk’ and achieving outcomes that support people to improve or resolve their circumstances. This is what we mean by Making Safeguarding Personal.

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Southampton Safeguarding Week 2016

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Youth Forum Champions

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